Billy AntonioBilly Antonio

Born 1975, San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines
Residing in Casantiagoan, Laoac, Pangasinan, Philippines
Billy Antonio is a poet, writer, and public school teacher. Some of his Japanese short form poetry have appeared in Failed Haiku, Prune Juice, Frameless Sky, Sonic Boom, Bones, The Heron's Nest, Daily Haiga, Akitsu Quarterly, among others. His poetry has won international recognition. He lives in the Philippines with his wife, Rowena, and his daughters, Asiel Sophie and Felicity.
Personal blog:


Father's Day
my daughter confirms
my Facebook friend request

Brass Bell   November 2016

losing a balloon
to the wind
puppy love

Chanokeburi, January 29, 2017

fresh laundry
i rewrite
my resume

Otata 16, April 2017

family selfie
the dog fights
for a spot

Second Place, Indian Kukai, September 2016, (theme-selfie)

Victory Day
even the tank’s gun
wears a lei

Tenth Place, Bangabandhu Kukai, June 2016, (theme-Victory Day)

first date the silence of spoon and fork

brass bell  September 2016

hometown visit father's untrimmed bonsai

brass bell  May 2016

reunion connecting to the family wifi

Failed Haiku #9, August 2016

house arrest
the urge to rearrange
the furniture

Failed Haiku #7, June 2016

storm surge
a doll finds its way back
to the shore

Failed Haiku #7, June 2016

the sudden whistle
of the kettle

Failed Haiku #5, April 2016

Hometown visit
the unfamiliar bark
of the dog

The Asahi Shimbun, February 5, 2016

my wife on Skype
as I eat breakfast –
a pair of rosellas

Tamarind Magazine, Issue #12, November 2014

All Souls' Day
sold out for
the candle peddler

The Mainichi, December 4, 2014

first dance
the girl stares at
her new pair of shoes

Second Place, Carribean Kigo Kukai, February 2015

New Year visit
a gathering of shoes
at the doorstep

Second Place, Shiki Monthly Kukai, January 2015

he wakes up
to turn the tv off

Failed Haiku #9, August 2016