Philmore PlacePhilmore Place

Born 1965 at Minsk, Belarus.
I create under the pseudonym Philmore Place. The author of the haiku books “Voices of Things”, “A Lonely Creek of a Crane”, “Reflection”, "Attempt to translate". The author of the poetic collection "In a loud voice".
Winner of the third, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth International haiku competitions in Russian, winner of the third Russian-Japanese haiku competition of Akita University.

call of muezzin
the mosque's threshold
crowded with shoes
2019 March

skewed street
dying world
in the eyes of a dog
2019 March

before and after
her gaze divides
the road home
2019 March

coffee meeting
when she smiles
silence comes
2018 October

lounger under a palm tree
girl paints the nails
on daddy's foot
2018 July

asphalt in front of the house
someone's "love"
separated by cracks
2018 June

new hairstyle
girl in the subway
collecting looks
2018 June

yesterday's holiday
crumpled and forgotten
a notebook sheet
2018 June

black eye
do-list for today -
2018 April

scraps of the letter
and the overturned world
of the spring puddle
2018 April

another's inheritance -
they don’t know to whom to transfer
the flower and the cat
2018 March

false eyelashes
the fourth guy
bites today
2018 January

temple on the mountain
so many steps up and -
nothing special
2018 January

the beach becomes empty
no one’s swimming shorts floats
near the seashore
2017 August

after lunch
сrumbs in the beard
swinging in a prayer
2017 August