Eric A. LohmanEric A. Lohman

Eric A. Lohman lives in Powder Springs, GA. He is a psychiatric social worker, composer, avid cyclist and poet. He works in the emergency department of a large urban medical center, evaluating and assisting the homeless, the chemically dependent and the chronically mentally ill. Much of his poetry reflects his response to and efforts to cope with that reality. He also composes music for orchestra as well as smaller ensembles and solo performance, toward similar ends. He has been active in performing and written arts for 35 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in musical theory and composition from Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL.


five beheaded cinderellas after Christmas sale

Failed Haiku #37  January, 2019

country dark...
the stars appear
to twangle

Failed Haiku #36 December, 2018

even the stars have losers brown dwarf

Failed Haiku #36 December, 2018

bits of paper blown by the wind white flutterbys

Failed Haiku #36 December, 2018

touch screen -
the eyes of a child
in juvie

Failed Haiku #32 August, 2018

frozen lake -
I hesitate to break the ice
between us

Failed Haiku #32 August, 2018

smell of the barn at dawn
          she nuzzles my hair
as I stoop over her shit
          the occasional impatient tap
                                                      of a hoof
and the first rays through the crack
          as I unfasten the latch and begin
to pull the door aside
         she is right beside me
then gathering ourselves
         all at once, we heave together -
I pulling back,
                      she surging forward


faster than light bulbs burst into bloom

Failed Haiku  #30 June, 2018

stainless steel
my knife
without sin

Failed Haiku  #23  November, 2017

moon shot
another testosterone

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

far apart —
it's still the same

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

smell of trench foot losing another war

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

poetry class I sit on my assonance

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

welfare office -
on the waiting room walls
trickle down lights

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

last waltz -
this roach I'm flushing

Failed Haiku #28 April, 2018

from tree    to tree    to tree
   the            black      birds'
    p                 u            b
   cr                aw           l

Prune Juice  #23, November, 2017

cooking together
on opposite sides
of the sink -
things are strained
between us

Failed Haiku  #20 August, 2017

bugs in amber -
the long line to turn into
Volkswagen service

Failed Haiku  #20 August, 2017

ginger root
in the family bible a lock
of grandmother's hair

Failed Haiku  #20 August, 2017

shift change –
handing off false

Failed Haiku #20 August, 2017

fake news -
the mockingbird

Failed Haiku  #19 July 1, 2017

sakura zensen -
first one daughter, then another
schedules her wedding

Failed Haiku #19 July 1, 2017

nude beach we air our differences

Prune Juice  #22  July, 2017

sharp grief
cutting yourself
on her name

Failed Haiku #10 Oct. 2016

punch drunk . . .
he hits a few more

Failed Haiku  #10 Oct. 2016