S.M. KozubekS.M. Kozubek

Born in Evanston, Illinois
Living in Sarasota, Florida

S. M. Kozubek has written and published over 150 haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun in many publications and was awarded a second prize in the International Section of the 2017 Mainichi Haiku Contest. His chapbooks are available on Amazon.

Website URL - https://mkozubek1.wordpress.com



ALS, the doctor says...
at each bend of the river
     another bend


A Hundred Gourds 5:1 Dec, 2015

as the funeral cars depart
the widow steps inside
and draws the shades

A Hundred Gourds 5:1 Dec, 2015

on the sill
a dazed fly buzzes
winter recess

A Hundred Gourds 5:3, June 2016

our lives together
little left…
cookie crumbs

bottle rockets, no. 35, 2016

at her bedside
the tight skein

Modern Haiku, Vol. 48.1, Winter/Spring 2017

genealogy tree some buzzards perch

Sonic Boom, No. 8, 2017

after the divorce
how human
my parents become

hedgerow, No. 110, 2017

one day at a time lottery ticket

Frogpond 40:2 (2017)

the hall
suddenly empty
slow dance

bottle rockets, no. 37, 2017

old hat
I misplace
my sense of wonder

Mayfly, no. 63, 2017

climate march
we drink water
from plastic bottles

Modern Haiku, 48:3, Fall 2017

with no whit of wind we

Bones, No. 14, November 2017


bottle rockets, no. 38, 2018

beside her bed
the extended hand
only she sees

Modern Haiku, 50.1, Winter-Spring 2019

by my ex ---

Prune Juice, March, 2019

a train

Prune Juice, March, 2019

in my grandfather's chair
his spittin’ image, they say…
                               AA meeting

 Modern Haiku, 50.2, Summer 2019