Djurdja Vukelić RožićDjurdja Vukelić Rožić

Born 1956, Vidrenjak, Croatia
Residing in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia
Djurdja Vukelić Rožić was born in 1956 in Croatia. She is principal editor of haiku magazine IRIS (print) and IRIS International webzine. She edited and translated a great number of books, joint collections and magazines, including „An Unmown Sky 1(2011) & 2 /2018)“, the anthologies of Croatian Haiku. Besides haiku, tanka, haibun and haiga she publises poetry and short stories. She published 19 of her own books and is a member of several literary and haiku association in Croatia and abroad.

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evening news
another mass grave
weather broadcast

Peace Museum Award, Ritsumeikan University, Japan The 33rd A-Bomb Memorial, 1999

a young widow
now walking
an expensive dog

1st prize, Moonset Literary Newspaper. Edition 5, USA 2009

on the bath scale...
taking off
her glasses

Editor's choice Cattails, september 2016

village library—
women bring cakes
for the librarian

Cattails, January 2016, Editor’s choice

the snoring battle –
a squabble goes on
in the bed

Commended, THE INTERNATIONAL MATSUO BASHO AWARD, 4th Edition, 2016, organized by The Italian Haiku Association

scream in the night
the hotel owner's tom cat
in the ladies guest's bed

Aphrodite Award, Ludbreg, Croatia 2018., „An Unmown Sky“, anthology of Croatian haiku 2008-2018, edited by D.V.Rožić

wedding under the masks
well off and in hard times 'til
the end of carnival

D.V.Rozic: „Whose is this planet“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2015 (ISBN 978-953-57651-6-5)

rece$$ion time
four credit cards registering
four old wheels

D.V.Rozic: „Whose is this planet“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2015 (ISBN 978-953-57651-6-5)

horse at the cattle fair
he brought the cart with a pig
to be sold

D.V.Rozic: „Whose is this planet“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2015 (ISBN 978-953-57651-6-5)

craning their necks
towards his newspaper
fellow passengers

D.V.Rozic: „Chasing the Clouds“, Klostar Ivanic,Croatia 2005 (ISBN953-7205-10-X)

Magnificent Mile
under a laying man
a stream of urine

D.V.Rozic: „Sepia Sparrows“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2017 (ISBN 978-862-57651-2-7)

first time in Chicago
I'm very much lilke my
just met cousins

D.V.Rozic: „Sepia Sparrows“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2017 (ISBN 978-862-57651-2-7)

the railway station
are there more pebbles or
cigarette butts?

D.V.Rozic: „A Country Lane“, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2016 (ISBN 078-953-57651-7-2)

high blood pressure
in the street
salt on the ice

Mainichi Haiku in English, April 11, 2016

cleaning windows
face from the front page
collects the flie's poop

Senryu circle, October 2019

alone at home
not watching erotic movies
any more

Senryu circle, October, 2019

„Titanic“ on TV –
I'm avoiding
all puddles

Miscellany of Haiku, Vrbovsko, Croatia 2018

second hand –
she hides behind a shelf
as her neighbour enters the shop

IRIS haiku magazine No. 5/6, Croatia 2012

and postman in the yard
cat on the apple tree

IRIS haiku magazine No.9/10, Croatia 2016

an art auction-
the new rich acquires
his family past

Failed haiku, volume 3, Issue 33

too foxy a dress
and breakneck hight stilettos
says her grandfather

Failed haiku, volume 3, Issue 33

neighbours in the garden
a smiling Buddha and
a knobby squash

„Kabocha, Buča, Gourd“, post contest anthology, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia 2016, edited by D.V.Rožić