Roberta Beach Jacobson

Birth: 1952 in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA)
Current residence: Indianola, Iowa (USA)

My life in numbers:
Kids: One
Continents lived on: Two
Countries lived in: Three
Marriages: Four
Jobs: Many more than five


heated argument
her mother tongue

Akitsu Quarterly, Fall 2019

in cobblestone alley -
straining to remember
my past life

Bleached Butterfly 1:1

atoms from afar

Bones Journal No. 18, November 15, 2019

cage-free eggs
in egg carton

Failed Haiku  Vol. 4, Issue 38

existing only
to be broken
- bread

Failed Haiku  Vol. 4, Issue 38

she organized
her life

Failed Haiku  Vol. 4, Issue 38

giving him that look mood ring

Prune Juice Issue #29, November 2019