Erin CastaldiErin Castaldi

New Jersey, United States
Erin is a nature lover and has been published in over a dozen journals and anthologies including Blithe Spirit, Presence, Wales Haiku Journal, Akitsu Quarterly, Human/Kind Journal and Chrysanthemum. They have included translations into Japanese, Romanian, German and Italian languages. Much of her art, and can be found on Instagram: @haiku_gurl and Facebook at,


clicking his heels
in time with her dress
summer lightening

Presence #62 Winter 2018

full moon
half of me
still sad

Wales Haiku Journal  Winter 2018

stone cathedral
we stay together
for the kids

Akitsu Quarterly Winter 2018

sugar sand
a giant oak leaf
finds me falling

#FemKuMag March 2019

in the mirror
a leaf
already fallen

Human/Kind January 2019

acid rain
in the painter’s cup
painting new worlds

MyHaikuPond 4th Haiku For Climate Change 2019

rock, paper, scissors
in the school yard
a crushing defeat

Blithe Spirit Winter 2018

laughing girls
point to boys
looking at blossoms

Blithe Spirit May 2019

cold rain
the soup kitchen’s
steady drip

Blithe Spirit Issue 29.3 2019