Marilyn Barbara WardMarilyn Barbara Ward

Year of Birth 1952
Place of Birth Manchester, UK
Current place of residence Scunthorpe Lincolnshire UK

Bio: A retired Social education worker for adult learning disabilities.
On retirement I decided to try my hand at writing poetry, encouraged by a dear friend.
On some of my published Senryu I'm known as Marilyn Dancing Deer Ward.
This name was given to me as a Birthday gift from a Navajo friend.
I also enjoy Photography and sometimes use the photos to illustrate my poems.
I enjoy cruises with my husband and meeting people from all over the world.


granite boulders
holding universal truths
within crevices

Haiku Universe 11-2-19

i scratch the moss
from a memory

FreshOut Magazine 21-3-19

he looks for warmth
in a coffee cup

FreshOut Magazine 16 - 6-19

the slug slithers

Freshout Magazine 21-7-19

day moon
the wide eyes
of a child

FreshOut Magazine 27-8-19

she forgets
her daughters name

FreshOut Magazine 3-9-19

wilting flowers--
the dementia patients
outlive their minds

Poetry Pea 3-10-19

little white dress--
poppies bloom
by the driveby

Poetry Pea 9-10-19

WiFi knows my status
so well

Failed Haiku issue 47

white parakeet
the jerk and nod
of an old lady's head

Failed Haiku issue 47

fallen acorns
life continues
by the cenotaph

Failed Haiku issue 47

fall of tears
9/11 footprints --
Formed then gone

Failed Haiku issue 47

yoga class
i get friendly
with down dog

Failed Haiku issue 47

burgeoning bus
a passenger bounces
bags on my knee

FreshOut Magazine 12-11-19

his large ears the barbers new haircut

Poetry Pea 30-11-19

Mersy Tunnel...
i see to the end
of his yawn

Poetry Pea 30-11-19

the duplicate
of herself

FreshOut Magazine 4-12-19