Mark Gilbert

Nottingham, UK

Mark Gilbert got serious about senryu after discovering Mike Rehling's journal 'Failed Haiku'. Since then he has managed to have senryu published in a variety of journals (and a podcast) covering haiku and its related forms, as well as breaking into the Euro Top 100 list of European haiku authors.


Saturday night comedian
the paramedic
at the start of his shift

Blithe Spirit #26/1 (Feb-16)

the clang of wine bottles
on the way
to the recycling bin

Blithe Spirit #26/3 (Sept-16)

shadowing me
the intern
picks up bad habits

Failed Haiku #19 (Jul-17)

in the cathedral
a lost soul asks me the way
to the gift shop

Shortlisted for H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest Jul-17
Failed Haiku #19 (Jul-17)Prune Juice #22 (Jul-17)

the lawyer says "sign here"
"and here"

Failed Haiku #32 (Aug-18)

cyber monday
the algorithm
reads my mind

Failed Haiku #34 (Oct-18)

out of hospital
tying my shoelace
the way I always did

Modern Haiku #49/3 (Nov-18)

hot air balloon
the politician
floats above it all

Failed Haiku #36 (Dec-18)

the comet
rather a disappointment
class reunion

Modern Haiku #50/1 (Feb-19)

One AM –
mine is the only table
not swiped by surfactant

Bottle Rockets (Feb-19)

loving you
how much I touch
the touchpad

Haiku Pea Podcast #2/12 (Jun-19)

doing nothing
family get-together

Hedgerow #127 (Jun-19)

crescent moon
it’s my fault
the dent in our car

Haikuniverse (July-19)

loose change
he remembers Buddy Rich
in '63

Failed Haiku #44 Aug-19

Adagio for Strings
my bank
values my business

Failed Haiku #45 Oct-19

the morning after
young lovers
in trainers

Incense Dreams #3.1 (Oct-19)

blessed rainwater
and stolen yams —
perfect stew

British Haiku Society Members' Anthology 2019 (Nov-19)

reaching a new low
fluffing up
his dog’s pillow

Prune Juice #29 (Nov-19)

Christmas morning
naming my G.I.Joe

Haikuniverse (Dec-19)

banging at the keys
designing a website
I miss trees

The Asahi Shimbun: Asahi Haikuist Network (Dec-19)