Steve Dolphy

Born 1961, Southampton, United Kingdom
Residing in Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Steve worked in business before becoming a clinical psychologist. Whilst living in Vietnam, 1997 to 2001, he studied Vietnamese at the Hanoi National University and started writing haiku. He has published two haiku collections: The Cry of the Duck Egg Seller (Ram Publications, 2004) and A Compendium of Glimpses (Kindle, 2015)


lotus lilies
around the upturned tail
of a B-52

Presence #24, 2004, UK

civil war cemetery
between soil and stone
the rake’s teeth

Presence #33, 2007, UK

around the grave
hands and mimosa leaves
fold together

Paper Wasp Vol 82, 2002, USA

children’s ward
a little girl names
her artificial legs

Presence #21, 2003, UK

tightrope walker
 even her smile

Snapshots #6, 1999, UK

after the school play
reprising her role
for the absent parent

Snapshots #6, 1999, UK

weekend alone
a show of hands
on the radio

Frogpond XXV:I, 2002, USA

as I hear the diagnosis
the knotholes
in the oncologist’s desk

Presence #33, 2007, UK

maternity unit
an empty space among
snow covered cars

Presence #17, 2002, UK

first autumn leaves
the neighbour I couldn't name
moves out

Presence #61, 2018, UK

the old oak gone
less and less of mum
remembering me

Presence #61, 2018, UK

Father's Day
I empty the biscuit jar
of its nuts and bolts

Presence #61, 2018, UK

graduation day
willow fronds just long enough
to ripple the river

Blithe Spirit  Vol 28/3, 2018, UK 

a child's headstone
so high
and no higher

Modern Haiku  Vol 49/2, 2018, USA

lost soft toy
my daughter asks me
to give a eulogy

Failed Haiku, Vol 3:33, 2018, USA

at my old house
the chimes of the ice cream van
bring out someone else

Modern Haiku, Vol 49/3, 2018,USA

one daffodil
leans against another—
she would have been one by now

Blithe Spirit  Vol 29/1, 2019,UK

Remembrance Day
the undertaker whistles
to calm his horses

Presence, #63, 2019, UK

our guests gone
the misshapen soap
back in its place

cattails, Spring 2019,Canada

the huge key
that once locked a mansion
now a key fob

Modern Haiku #50/1,USA,2019

New Year’s Day
still shedding
December’s skin

Presence #63, 2019, UK

shifting currents
the old couple in their kayaks
move closer together

Kokako #31, 2019, New Zealand

garage coolness
a child’s hand print
in the concrete floor

Frogpond #42.3, 2019, USA

childhood home
the once distant woods
up to the back fence

Presence #65, 2019, UK

her hearing aid
his arthritic hands

Presence #65, 2019, UK