Marilyn WalkerMarilyn Appl Walker

Born in Garden City, Kansas, 1940
Residing in Madison, Georgia, USA

Marilyn has received international recognition with awards and publications from Canada, Croatia, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.
She and her husband Marshall reside in a small tourist town in Georgia.


an old sock
the darnings
of his ex-wife

Modern Haiku, #51.2 summer, 2020

spring gusts
the wild woman
in my shadow

Modern Haiku #42.3, autumn, 2011
Best of Issue Senryu Award #43.1, winter-spring 2012

wedding day
the time he takes
to knot the tie

Gerald Brady Senryu Competition, Second Place Award, 2013

their first Thanksgiving
    posing together
    with the turkey

Gerald Brady Senryu Competition, Second Place Award, 2009

a pear falls
on its side
the evening news

Frogpond, #30.2, spring-summer, 2007

a pear bruised
by the weight of itself--

Modern Haiku #38.3, autumn, 2007

grocery shopping
his python tattoo
squeezes the Charmin

Gerald Brady Senryu Competition, Honorable Mention, 2005

talk of terrorism
he rearranges the fruit
in the bowl

Frogpond, #28.2, spring-summer, 2005

supermarket thunder
      the fly finds
      another cabbage

Frogpond, #26.2, spring-summer, 2003

running barefoot
through tall grasses
deciding on blonde

Frogpond, #26.2, spring-summer, 2003

red spider lily
the toddler lets out
a new word

Third Place Award, Sonic Boom 4th Annual Senryu Contest 2018