Tom BierovicTom Bierovic

Birthplace: Markham, Illinois, 1949
Residing in DeLand, Florida, USA

Tom Bierovic (M.Ed., M.Div.) is a widely published, award-winning poet. His book Blink of a Duck's Eye: a collection of haiku, senryu, and tanka poetry is available on Amazon. In his free time, Tom enjoys reading, playing backgammon, playing Native American flutes and Irish whistles, and drumming on bongos and djembe.
The following selection are taken from Blink of a Duck's Eye.

slamming door
the bride lifts the veil

employee lounge
Santa unbuckles
between shifts

spring training
a boy plays baseball
on his phone

Santa's bell
at the nursing home
too soft, too loud

the sign says
narrow road ahead
talk radio

haiku anthology
I look for my name
one more time

definitely not
like riding a bicycle
high school reunion

day job
the saxophone stays
in its case

original sin through no fault of my own

gravestone inscription —
she did the best she could

the girl we bullied —
her Christian Louboutin shoes

doing my best
under the circumstances
whitewater rafting

doing my best
under the circumstances
whitewater rafting

crescent moon people seem more stealthy

new moon fewer people at karaoki

low tide
making promises

reading Decline and Fall
of the Roman Empire

the wrong lights
going on and off
new house

church steps
a bride shuffles
her feet

humming along
with the dishwasher

we used to believe in
porch swings

in a new fedora
jazz hands

there's only
so far you can go
ferris wheel

things she didn't say
departure gate

where did she hide
my penny whistle

windy day
grandpa's hat arrives
before grandpa