Mary StevensMary Stevens

Born 1965 in USA
Residing in Hurley, NY USA

A member of HSA since 2003, Mary Stevens co-judged with John Stevenson the 2013 Nicholas Virgilio Haiku Contest. At the 2015 Haiku North America in Schenectady, NY, she presented “The Cicada’s Voice: How Wabi Sabi Can Teach Us How to Live.”


makeup counter
all the shades
of white women

Modern Haiku 50.1, Winter-Spring 2019

at the end of the diving board yes

Modern Haiku 51.1, Winter-Spring 2020

spring equinox
the cyclist’s thighs
scissoring sunlight

Kingfisher Issue #1, June, 2020

the woman inside the man in a dress

Frogpond 43.1, Winter 2020

late swim
the pregnant woman
dries her belly first

Frogpond 32.3, Autumn, 2009

a hot-water bottle
for the cat bed

Lanoue, David. Write Like Issa: a haiku how-to. 2017

crocus through snow
a LOVE stamp
for the SASE

Kingfisher Issue #1, June, 2020

sun in my eyes
my mother will never see
all of me

International Women's Haiku Festival March 21, 2017. Inner Voices (blog).

her tears
allowing me

Akitsu Quarterly, Spring, 2020

luxury hotel
on every pillow

bottle rockets 21:2 (#42), 2020

day moon
a semicircle of ice cream
in the pint lid

The Heron’s Nest 22:2, June 2020

a sign points the way
to a daddy long-legs

bottle rockets 22:1 (#43), 2020