Marcyn Del ClementsMarcyn Del Clements

Born: 1940, in Brawley, California

Marcyn’s published in Alaska Quarterly Review, Appalachia, Flyway, frogpond, Hollins Critic, Literary Review, Lyric, Snowy Egret & others.

Other interests: photography, nature, Chorale & church choirs, stamp collecting, recorders, Celtic harp & Native American flutes. She converted her swimming pool into a pond, to swim with her koi.


airport toilet flushing and flushing new jeans tight buttons

allow me, she says
and waves her hand at the
automatic door

brushing the tangles
our of her hair
post kiss

cement mixer
leads the highway entourage
solid double lines

Christmas Day
even atheists
take the day off

cowboy gets a beer
checks his horse’s hooves
corner gas station

flies land on the mare
she twitches, stamps one hoof
which I was holding

golden cactus
in the warm morning sun
almost petable

if you kick a rock
hard enough it will never
ever come back

in a truck forest
me in my little smart car
       feeling not so

in my tent
turning off the iPhone
blinding dark

meteor shower
untangling her legs
from his

my daughter
telemarks around me
slow parabolas

pain in the butt
she forgot to wear her
bicycle shorts

pedestrian walk
on Santa Catalina
the sound of flip flops

prostate cancer
radiation over
he plants bulbs

she knickers softly
trots up to me at the fence
power of apple

she rolls into bed
bone tired and pats the side
where he used to lie

she turns on the lights
all over the house, which he
turns off behind her