Vandana Parashar

DOB : 2nd January 1975
Place of residence: Panchkula, India
Vandana Parashar is a microbiologist and a haiku enthusiast.
Her love for brevity made her fall in love with haiku and related forms of Japanese poetry. Her work has been published in many national and international journals of repute, and has won her prizes and accolades. Her haiku was shortlisted for Touchstone Award for Individual poem in 2021.
Her debut e-chapbook I Am was published by Title IX Press in 2019.

party animal
I now watch cartoons
with my kids

Sonic Boom, Issue 3, August 2015

seven-year itch
I loosen my grip
on the kite

Cattails, Jan 2016

dad's funeral...
how I wish he was
a phoenix

First place - 15th Indian Kukai February 2016 - Theme-Ash

fish bowl
is there a world
outside home

Sonicboom, Issue 5, April 2016

high school...
my daughter tucks her skirt
a little higher

cattails, April 2018

dramatics club
that headache when visiting

cattails, October 2018

past life connection
... did we share this
silence there too

#Femku mag, March 2019

lipstick on his shirt
I put an extra heap full
of pepper in curry

Poetry Pea Podcast, Series 3, Episode 6, 16th March 2020

night duty
she puts someone else's
baby to sleep

Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2020

pregnancy test
have my eggs been
quarantined too

Failed Haiku, Volume 5, Issue 54, June 2020

she is my mother
on and off

Haiku Dialogue, The Haiku Foundation, 23rd September 2020

hospital room
I sing a lullaby
to my empty womb

Second Prize, THF Kukai, Oct 2020

another friend gone
I wonder who will give
my eulogy

Haiku Dialogue, The Haiku Foundation, 20th Jan 2021

I don’t ask anyone
how I look

Prune Juice, Issue 33, March 2021

mid-life crisis
will I always be
someone’s something

Cold Moon Journal, 13th March 2021

and yet

Cold Moon Journal, 20th March 2021

all those times I could’ve said
I love you

Highly Commended, 4th Santoka International Haiku Contest, 2021

your indifference
I feel a lump
in my breast

#FemkuMag, Issue 29, April 2021

gutting fish
my daughter says she doesn't
want to be like me

Golden Triangle Haiku Contest, 2021