Mohammed Azim KhanMohammad Azim Khan

Born in 1951, Peshawar, Pakistan
Current place of residence: Peshawar, Pakistan

I am retired UN official who has travelled to many war-torn countries to oversee relief and disaster operations. I graduated from Peshawar University with Masters degrees in English Literature and Economics. I have since developed a special interest in haiku and tanka. I have published in journals around the world.


secret admirer ...
the cat watching
a sparrow

Prune Juice : Issue 18 : March, 2016

vintage bowl ...
spoon after spoon
grandma's kiss

Under the Basho, 2015 Issue

father's funeral ...
the burden of pallbearers
for awhile

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 3 2016

narrow lane ...
shadows fall
on each other

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 4 2016

forever gone ...
the distant whistle
of the train

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 4 2016

death row ...
the last culinary choice

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 5 2016

deafening crowd ...
the shrill voice of
a fishmonger

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 5 2016

dark night ...
the sea swallowing
the silver sand

The Mainichi, November 14, 2015

first date ...
double checking my wallet
in the washroom

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 6, 2016

war widow ...
how quickly her hair

Prune Juice, Issue 19:July 2016

child soldier...
foot prints of
an oversized boot

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 7

boat ride...
the lotus rises

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 7

ancient temple ...
a selfie with the

Failed Haiku Volume 1, Issue 8

estranged neighbour ...
the dogs continue
our friendship

(Honourable Mention, Sonic Boom, Annual Senryu Contest 2016)

mother's ash ...
how much
of her is there

6th Place, Indian Kukai # 15, 2016

war zone ...
amongst the rubble
an empty birdcage

Acorn Issue #37, Fall 2016

broken home
the child slips out
of the crack

Prune Juice,Issue 20, November, 2016

sudden rain ...
the homeless shifts
his home

Under the Basho, 2016 Issue

first date
not really
my cup of tea

Prune Juice,Issue 20, November, 2016

canyon walls
the eagle drags
its shadow

Under the Basho, 2016 Issue

ominous clouds ...
the wind fans
the raven's tail

Under the Basho, 2016 Issue

old frog ...
pond wobbles
under its belly

Under the Basho 2016 Issue

ancient castle ...
the smiling portrait

Under the Basho, 2016 Issue

green stones ...
the moss conquers
the mountain

Asahi Haikuist Network, March 17 2017

fallen soldier ...
chewing gum
in his haversack

Modern Haiku -Volume 49.1 Winter-Spring 2018

slave ship -
a beam of sunlight
on rusty shackles

Frogpond Vol 41.3 Autumn 2018

lonely world
turning the pages
of an old newspaper

Frogpond Vol 41.3 Autumn 2018

border crossing
the watchtower
of a meerkat

Acorn Issue # 41 Fall 2018

Ganesh smiles ...
steaming rice pudding
in copper cauldrons

The Heron's Nest  Volume XIX, Number 4: December 2017

jelly beans ...
separates the seven colours

2nd Place Indian Kukai #19 2017 theme Rainbow

first date
getting to know her
sip by sip

Prune Juice, Issue 21 March 2017

paddle boat
round and round
with grandma

Frogpond 43:3 winter 2020

childhood friend ...
together we ride
the time machine

Frogpond 43:1 Spring/summer 2020

Veterans Day ...
a soldier with a flag
on a wheelchair

Frogpond 41:3 Winter 2018

dusty stairs
I clean my shadow
step by step

Frogpond 44:2 Spring/summer 2021

the barbed-wire

The Mainichi 13 August 2021

I switch over from
size M to L

World Haiku Series 2020, Akita International Haiku Network

to the other side
boat without oars

Prune Juice Issue #32 November 2020

a masked beggar
keeping the distance
her outstretched arm

Chrysanthemum No. 28 October 2020

closed border ...
dreams pegged
in tents

Modern Haiku Issue 52:1, 2020