shifting cumulus
     we make plans
   to make plans

The Heron’s Nest XX, IV—December, 2018

always the bridesmaid...
a release dove
fails to take flight

The Heron’s Nest XXI, I—March 2019

hospital flowers—
her heart skips
a beep

Frogpond  43.1—Winter, 2020

she plants a cherry tree
next to the maple

2019 VCBF Haiku Invitational Sakura Award Winner

steeped chamomile—
the nightingale's calls
go to voicemail

Presence #63—2019

folding and unfolding
the instructions

Modern Haiku 50.3—Autumn 2019

among the whole lot
not a single astronaut—
high school reunion

Frogpond 41.3—Fall, 2018

y e (e) t

The Lyre—2019

dead sea don't give me any ideas

Failed Haiku—May, 2021


the carpet = the drapes

Failed Haiku—May, 2021

   to put it

Frogpond Journal—Autumn, 2019

seasonal reflective disorder

bones 18—November, 2019

my kind of streaming sockeye

Modern Haiku 51.2—Summer, 2020

writer's block...

Prune Juice—July, 2019


Prune Juice—July, 2019

his new goal
to get swole—
year of the pig

catheXis northwest press—2019

of all the days
for this to happen...
flow tide

catheXis northwest press—2019

express train the beverage cart taking forever

Modern Haiku 52.1—Spring, 2021


Haiku Canada Review—February, 2021