Terri L. FrenchTerri L. French


my third glass of wine
the mosquito
comes back for seconds

Honorable mention 2012 HSA Gerald Brady Senryu Contest

waiting room—
a fly climbs the stairs
on an Escher print

3rd Place 2012 HSA Gerald Brady Senryu Contest

labeled a liberal
but I’m all right
with that

Honorable Mention Sonic Boom 1st Annual Senryu Contest

bridge game
every hand

Prune Juice, issue 7: Winter 2012

cyber bullying
hashtags on
the fat girl’s arms

Prune Juice, issue 11: November 2013

caucus night
bad weather scrolling
across the screen

A Hundred Gourds, 5:3 June 2016

bipolar disorder —
rainbows floating
on oil slicks

Prune Juice, Issue 14: November 2014

another AARP invite
  in the mail —
this is getting old

Prune Juice, Issue 17: November, 2015

the soldier’s boy
aims his magnifying glass
one by one
melting army men

Prune Juice, Issue 19: July, 2016