Julie WartherJulie Warther

Born: 1969, Dover, Ohio
Current residence: Dover, Ohio
Julie Warther, author of What Was Here (Folded Word Press, 2015) lives in Dover, Ohio and serves as Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America. Julie was instrumental in the installation of The Forest Haiku Walk, a path featuring thirty haiku stones with poems by Midwest writers, on the grounds of The Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, Ohio.

graveside service
no one wants to leave

Honorable Mention, 2010 Gerald Brady Memorial Senryu Contest

dad’s directions
that used to be

Frogpond 34.2, Summer 2011

family dinner
siblings feed the elephant
in the room

Frogpond 35.1, Winter 2012

mixed verb tenses
coming to terms
with her death

Modern Haiku 43.2, Summer 2012

holiday blues
turning the bare spot
to the wall

Frogpond 35.2, Summer 2012

death watch
she dies peacefully
in their sleep

First Prize, 2012 Gerald Brady Memorial Senryu Contest

following her death
all the expressions
we no longer use

A Hundred Gourds 2.2, March 2013

no gears to shift
to island time

Tinywords 13.2, July 25, 2013

at last
spending time with loved ones
family plot

Modern Haiku 44.3, Fall 2013

life and death decisions
the need to feel
the satin lining

Honorable Mention, 2013 Gerald Brady Memorial Senryu Contest

after the funeral
the peace lily

A Hundred Gourds 3.1, December 2013

pieces of eight
his artwork
on the fridge

Frogpond 37.1, Winter 2014

the time it takes
for jello to set –
first condolences

Honorable Mention, 2014 Kaji Aso International Senryu Contest 

the blank
where I’m supposed to sign
filled with doubt

Honorable Mention, 2014 Kaji Aso International Senryu Contest 

no longer able to move
our collie herds us
with her eyes

Prune Juice, Issue 14, November 2014

parts unknown
the sax player improvises
a lullaby

Tinywords 15.1, April 15, 2015

Ash Wednesday service –
wearing the heels
that pinch

Modern Haiku 46.2, Summer 2015

Epiphany –
marveling at the arrival
of three more pounds

Cattails, May 2015

in the candle’s flame
the prayers
I never prayed

Bottle Rockets 17.1, February 2015

the care she takes in cutting her paper heart

Honorable Mention, 2015 Kaji Aso International Senryu Contest

palmistry –
the lines
I’ve crossed

Prune Juice Issue 16, July 2015

cataract clouds . . .
her children remind her
what she likes

Tinywords 15.2, October 14, 2015

new tablecloth –
first thanksgiving
without the extra leaf

Frogpond 38.3, Autumn 2015

heat of the day . . .
my own company
wearing thin

Bottle Rockets 17.2, February 2016

making amends –
an unpainted board
on the picket fence

Bottle Rockets #34, February 2016

rising early
to find the bathroom empty –
Easter morning

Cattails, January 2016

new fiscal year . . .
hearing only the sounds
of his words

Failed Haiku #1, January 2016

first love the ring his ring leaves

Second Place, 2015 HPNC International Senryu Competition

fruit flies . . .
the shelf life
of a grudge

Failed Haiku #2, February 2016

dropping in . . .
a layer of dust
on the guest soaps

Failed Haiku #3, March 2016

broken spine –
gently cradling
her Bible

Prune Juice Issue 18, March 2016

forcing putty
into the cracks –
what he doesn’t say

Modern Haiku 47.2, Summer 2016

brontosaurus . . .
the half-life
of my education

Cattails, May 2016

a man in the last row
checks his watch

Failed Haiku #5, May 2016

stacked on top
of get well cards

Prune Juice Issue 19, July 2016

company –
the doors
I close

Prune Juice Issue 19, July 2016