Myron LysenkoMyron Lysenko

Born 1952 Heyfield, Victoria, Australia.
Lives in Woodend, Victoria.

Myron began writing senryu in the late 1990’s. He is the Victorian Representative for HaikuOz, the Australian Haiku Society. He has published five books of poetry and one of haiku/senryu titled a rosebush grabs my sleeve. His small poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies around the world.

rose petals
she begins to lose
her hair

Creatrix Anthology 2008-2012

missing teeth
the comb also
missing teeth

paper wasp Vol 19 #4, Summer 2014

even after death
each one is different---
leaning headstone

tinywords 23 August 2006

Christmas lunch—
after the presents we continue
our arguments

Creatrix 28, February 2015

pine forest
a naked doll face down
in the mud

paper wasp 21.1, Autumn 2015

a chance to beat my father
at chess

Free XpreSsion XX11.9 Sept 2015

wild wind
she asks me to take

Wild Plum 1:2, Winter 2015

old jogger—
I wave to him
in my pajamas

Prune Juice 17, Nov 2015

news of refugees
the oak leaf crushed
in my hand 

Modern Haiku 47:1, 2016

unstable cliffs
he pulls his daughter away
from the ice-cream van 

Barenuckle Poet Anthology 2015

For H Gene Murtha

bare limbs
not too macho
for haiku

Failed Haiku Vol 1, #3, 2016

our car rolls
backwards up the hill
marriage on the rocks 

Shots from the Chamber Anthology 2016

the way
to a lonely man’s heart

Failed Haiku #6, June 2016

pointed in the right direction
by a blind man

a rosebush grabs my sleeve, Flat Chat Poets, 2005

morning swim
discussing relationships
in the deep end

a rosebush grabs my sleeve, Flat Chat Poets, 2005