Dave ReadDave Read

Dave Read is a Canadian poet living in Calgary.  He primarily writes short poems with an emphasis on the Japanese genres of haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun.  His work has been published in many journals, and can be found on his blog, davereadpoetry.blogspot.ca.



October rain
Captain America
shields his candy

bottle rockets, 34, 2015


big game
he hangs his hat
on an antler

Failed Haiku, Issue 3, March 2016


milk carton
the smiling child missing
a tooth

Failed Haiku, Issue 4, April 2016


head lice
I pick through my son's
report card

Failed Haiku, Issue 6, June 2016


pine wood
he buries his fear
of small spaces

Frogpond, 39.2, 2016


autumn dusk
we sit in the darkness
of each other

Prune Juice, 19, July 2016


on the driveway
my anger

tinywords, 15.1, 2015


irish pub
our accents
grow thicker

tinywords, 14.2, 2014


he can't hit
the opening pitch -
national anthem

Gems Anthology, 2014


divided highway
we don't speak
for hours

Gems Anthology, 2014