Marshall BoodMarshall Bood

Born: 1980 Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada
Resides: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bio: Marshall Bood's haiku, senryu and tanka have appeared in many journals and anthologies since 2010. He has also published longer poems and flash fiction.


wind chill factor —
I know when my fly
is down

Failed Haiku Issue 17 May 2017

women’s march —
her son wants
a pink hat too

Failed Haiku Issue 20 August 2017

February ...
I forget
my resolutions

Failed Haiku Issue 20 August 2017

autumn festival ...
the human statue
wipes her nose

A Hundred Gourds 3:2 March 2014

insomnia —
I count

Failed Haiku Issue 13 December 2016


giving up on insomnia she switches time zones

Failed Haiku 11 November, 2016



Failed Haiku 11 November, 2016


lunch break —
a bench chained
to a tree

Modern Haiku 47.1 Winter-Spring 2016


an empty welfare envelope
                                        in the snow

Failed Haiku 10 October, 2016


the pigeons keep
coming back

A Hundred Gourds 2:1 December 2012


dead of winter ...
I line up empties
on the closed piano

FreeXpresSion Volume XVIII—Issue 3 March 2011


exchanging gift cards in front of the electronic fireplace

bottle rockets #31 Summer 2014 


even from the cleaning woman a diagnosis

bottle rockets #33 Summer 2015 


reading haiku online I listen to the dog snore

Failed Haiku #6 June 2016



vape shop ...
a loonie Krazy Glued
to the sidewalk

Failed Haiku #8 August 2016



liquor store --
beside the dumpster
two pigeons fighting

Failed Haiku #7 July 2016