Robert EpsteinRobert Epstein

Born: 1954; New York City, USA
Resides: El Cerrito, CA.
Robert Epstein, a licensed psychologist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a published haiku poet and anthologist. An ethical vegan for 41 years, his latest book is, Turkey Heaven: Animal Rights Haiku; and, with Miriam Wald, he co-edited, Every Chicken, Cow, Fish, and Frog: Animal Rights Haiku.


checkout time is noon
I turn in the key
and everything else

Robert Epstein, Checkout Time is Noon: Death Awarenes Haiku, 2012


the phantom
limb of believing
war is over

Notes from the Gean, 17, 2013


cathedral quiet
in the closet
where she hides

Modern Haiku, 43.3, Autumn 2012


60th birthday
I pass on
the blue suede shoes

LSA - October 2016


w/o a gun
it’s a different

Modern Haiku, 41.2, Summer 2010


after the interview the spin cycle

bottle rockets


basset hound her gift to me imaginary

Frogpond, 36:1, 2013


i too am a headstone

Modern Haiku, 45.2, Summer 2014


christmas requires some assembly

Modern Haiku, 45.2, Summer 2014


New Year’s Day
mother refreshes
her old complaints

Modern Haiku, 39.2, Summer 2008


I’d rather burn
in hell

Modern Haiku, 41.3, Autumn 2010


you and me and our 60 watt life

Modern Haiku, 44.2, Summer 2013


making a cup
of green tea
doesn╩╝t stop the war

Modern Haiku, 40.3, Autumn 2009


toll collector
the old man already
in his young face

Modern Haiku,  42.1, Winter-Spring 2011


not a dent
after surgery and radiation
in her delusions

bottle rockets, #28, 2013


picking lint
out of the dryer
this short life

bottle rockets, #30, 2014


enlightenment give it a rest

bottle rockets, #30, 2014


climbing down
the mountain of forever
one now at a time

LSA - October 2016; (after Emily Dickinson)


broken promises
I go to pieces
on a big rock

Robert Epstein, A Walk Around Spring Lake, 2012


nailing the story of my life

Lilliput Review


home alone
I enter the crawl space
of a younger self

bottle rockets, 33, 2015


on and on
about impermanence
the recent Buddhist convert

bottle rockets, #25, 2011


first day off
what would I be doing
at work right now

bottle rockets, #20, 2009


a lifetime
of pain
in his hello

bottle rockets, #18, 2008


after the shower
all the hair
that used to be mine

bottle rockets, #17, 2007


hospice ––
the humorist leaves
but not my friend’s mother

bottle rockets, #16, 2007