Gregory Longenecker

Pasadena, CA USA

A poet, Gregory’s work has appeared in such publications as Acorn, bottle rockets, Cattails, Ershik, Frogpond, Mariposa & Shamrock and featured in A New Resonance, #9 by Red Moon Press. Two editions of the Red Moon Anthologies of English-language haiku have carried his work (2013 & 2014) and Modern Haiku Press, Haiku 2014 and Haiku 2016, as well. Gregory has been editor of the Southern California Haiku Study Group’s anthology, is on the editorial staff of the Living Haiku Anthology, & is currently Contest Chair for the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society’s Annual Tokutomi Haiku Contest.


somewhere deep inside Pluto

Bones,  #7, 2015


she keeps it
all wrapped inside
Hello Kitty lunchbox

Ershik,  January, 2016


bathing in moonlight Galileo’s eye

Bones  #5, 2014


without her     moondancing

Bones 6, 2015


Parkinson’s the late stages of desire

cattails,  #2, 2014


wandering from one bar
to the next

Prune Juice,  #11, 2013


another dream
of lost friends

Failed Haiku,  #3, March, 2016


all the things
I’ve done…
moving van

Ershik, April 2014


blue hour
a door opens
to my past

The Heron’s Nest,  Vol. XVII, #1, 2015


narrow alley
I begin to question
my assumptions

Cattails, #1, 2015


his eyes half-closed
I speak in whispers-
stone Buddha

Prune Juice,  March, 2016


the dead of night
my father wanders
through my dreams

Frogpond, 37.2, 2014


together again rain puddle

Frogpond 38:2, 2015


moving day
we take apart the bed
our parents’ dreamed on

San Diego Poetry Annual 2015-16


old gods squeezed into the hearse

Under the Basho,  2015


the altered landscape
of my dreams

tiny words, 16.1, 2016


weekend trip
the weight of something
left behind

Under the Basho #2, 2014