Marilyn FlemingMarilyn Fleming

Born 1945 in Mauston Wisconsin
Currently reside in Pewaukee Wisconsin.
Between 1988 and 1989 I discovered haiku and had a fair amount of success getting published. However in 1989 my writing career took a twenty plus year halt while I devoted my time and creativity to my demanding career and to my family. My dream was to write again after I retired. In 2010 I was back at it and now I primarily write haiku and tanka. I have a new interest in haiga and am experimenting with brush painting. 



tea with a stranger
—the voice
of my old friend

Take-Out Window  HSA Members Anthology 2014


the slamming door
what I should have said

Blithe Spirit  25.2 Spring 2015


ebb and flow
daughters one by one
to the rag bag

Cicada  Vol. IV, No. 4 Issue 13 1989


for a moment
the flare of her nostrils
pulling in the sea

Modern Haiku  Vol. XIX, No. 3 Autumn 1988


roadster showing thigh
gear jammer stuck alongside
rolling down the ‘I’

Modern Haiku  Vol. XIX, No. 2 Summer 1988


a fado artist
i expose my soul
to strangers


second thoughts
—the DNR band
missing from her wrist


the slit
beneath her navel
a butterfly knot

our daily commute
night and day 
passing each other


wedding day—
composing his vows
at the ironing board


summer heat
—beat cop
licks a rocky road


complacent woman
—a pebble
in her shoe


smoke signals
my wet blanket
of denial


break times
inhaling pages
the way I smoked


teaching literacy
again a no-show—
I leave a note


hoods up
bitter cold
waiting for a charge