Born 1946, Spokane, Washington, USA
Current Residence: Victoria, BC, Canada
Nika is the pen name of retired educator Jim Force. He currently writes with The Heron’s Quill in Victoria where he is a member of Haiku Arbutus. His haiku have been widely published in magazines and anthologies. He has published two chapbooks: frogs singing (1993) and snail my friend (2015).


afternoon affair –
the distant sound of traffic
searching for my socks

frogs singing, 1993
(self published chapbook)


again today
I ease my body
into old man skin

Failed Haiku,  Vol. 1, Issue 8, 2016 


alone in the gym –
scoring the winning basket
again and again

Blithe Spirit,  Vol. 4:3 August, 1994


at grasp-bird’s-tail
the tai chi master
breaks wind

Blithe Spirit,  Vol. 4:4 1994


blended family -
whose child
names the dog

Brussels Sprout,  Vol. X:1 1993


Buddhist monk
hesitates . . . then steps
on a wasp

Albatross,   Vol. IV: 1&2 Spring & Autumn, 1995


close-out sale
first item to go
cashier’s smile

Haiku Spirit, #4 November, 1995


corpse pose
my restless world
fades away

Hedgerow,  Issue #80 3 June 2016


evening news
another senseless bombing
invades our home

Albatross, Vol. V&VI: 1&2, 1996-97


family photos
cousin Ann discovers
she’s adopted

Frogpond,  Vol. XVIII:2 Summer, 1995


family reunion
grandfather’s smile
in every cousin

Prune Juice,  Issue 19, July 2016


fleamarket –
dad buys back
his old sweater

Dreams Wander,  HSA Members’ Anthology, October 1994


negotiates the stairs
one muscle at a time

Tidepool, #11, 1994


morning fog
my pill box tells me
it’s Friday

Frozen Butterfly, audio blog April, 2016


resets the table
           just so

Raw Nervz Haiku, Vol. 1:2 Summer, 1994


October fest
ah, such good beer
such good farts

Haiku Spirit, #4, November, 1995


second spouse
same problem –
could it be me

Point Judith Light,  Vol. 2:2 July, 1993


stargazing . . .
grandson more fascinated
with satellites

Presence, #2, 1996


this house
not one nail mine

The Haiku Quarterly, # 9, 1993


summer holiday
visiting imaginary friends
the only child

Frogpond,  Vol. XVIII:2 Summer, 1995


too ashamed
to say I lied –
another lie

Modern Haiku,  Vol. XXIV:1, 1993


washday –
checking all the pockets
his wedding ring

Modern Haiku,  Vol. XXIV:2, 1993