Bruce H. FeingoldBruce H. Feingold

Born 1951 in USA
Living in Berkley, California, USA
Bruce H. Feingold has won numerous awards including the Haiku Poets of Northern California Chimes Award and the HPNC 2012 International Senryu Contest. Bruce’s individual collections, Old Enough (2016), Sunrise on the Lodge (2010) and A New Moon (2004), were published by Red Moon Press.


my mind

bottle rockets, #10, 2004


haiku dad
I help my daughter trim
her college essay

Hawaii Education Association Twenty-Seventh Annual International Haiku Contest – Humorous –2004 3rd Place


squash and tomatoes the sizzle of her sauté

Frogpond, Volume 37:1, 2014



Fire in the Treetops: Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Haiku North America, Michael Dylan Welch, editor 2015


before we say good morning the electoral map

Haiku Poets of Northern California San Francisco International Competition (First Place Senryu) 2012
republished in The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, 2013


men's retreat--
toilet seats left

Haiku Poets of Northern California San Francisco International Competition Senryu, Honorable Mention, 2010



The Haiku Foundation HaikuNow! International Haiku Contest 2012 - Innovative --- Commended


MOMA's Monet room iPhones browsing MOMA's Monet

bottle rockets # 32 2014


about nothing
but it’s everything

bottle rockets #15 2006


Epcot Center –
I cross Yucatan ruins
list trip

bottle rockets #17 2007


cutting her off
a New Yorker curses the SUV
even on Maui

2003 Hawaii Education Association Twenty-Sixty International Haiku Contest, Humorous – 2nd Honorable Mention


seasonal delicacy
the chef whips up his iPhone
for translation

Magnapoets, Issue 9 January 2012


starry night van Gogh and me on Vicodin

Modern Haiku Volume 43:3 Autumn, 2012


the transgender boy
flips her tassel right to left—
graduation morning

Shiki Monthly Contest – June, 2009


Dali! the curve of his waxed panache

Mill Valley Literature Review, Spring 2014


dana basket –
he rustles through the dollars
searching for change

Modern Haiku Volume 38; 2 Summer, 2007


a Super Bowl tweet without realizing it in five-seven-five

Yuki Teikei’s 40th Anniversary Anthology, Editor Patricia Machmilher


abandoned bunker
the young lovers snap
a selfie

Modern Haiku, Volume 47:2, Summer, 2016


Labor Day
the sixth grader's
worry lines

Volume XVI, Number 4: December 2014


across the driveway
candidates’ election signs
glare at each other

bottle rockets #11 2004


Indian programmer -
his job outsourced
to India

Modern Haiku Volume 38:3 Autumn, 2007


road trip
everyone agrees
on the Beatles

Mariposa Spring/Summer, 2014


bursting crunch
of sweet and sour pork –
post-op dinner

Mariposa 21 Autumn/Winter 2010


even on crutches they move faster Madison Avenue

bottle rockets #29, 2013


an army of motorbikes
running red lights

Failed Haiku : A Journal of English Senryu, October, 2016