Chen-ou LiuChen-ou Liu

Born 1963 in Taipei, Taiwan
Living in Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Chen-ou Liu is currently the editor and translator of NeverEnding Story, and the author of two award-winning books.
URL: Poetry in the Moment 


noonday heat
a white man staring at me
me staring back

Kokako, 25, 2016


the click
of her red high heels ...
divorce court

Haiku Canada Review, 10:2, 2016


back from the washroom
her blouse buttoned lower:
blind date

Failed haiku, 1:10, 2016


a hole in my sock
she serves me
with divorce papers

Modern Haiku, 46:1, Winter/Spring 2015


Valentine's Day alone
the neighbor's wife runs naked
through my mind

Failed Haiku, 1:9, September 2016


a paper cut
from her dear john letter
Friday the 13th

Failed Haiku, 1:9, September 2016


a night off
the hooker plays with herself
in her sleep

Failed Haiku, 1:9, September 2016


recession ...
the care giver he hired
doubles as a mistress

Prune Juice, 6, 2011


tourist attraction
the beggar's cup fills
with sunlight

Failed Haiku, 1:8, August 2016


I feel
something aroused
naked mannequin

Failed Haiku, 1:8, August 2016


family reunion:
passing a divorce story
from cousin to cousin

Prune Juice, 19, 2016


he lies
in a gold-plated casket…
just my size

Selected Senryu, Haiku Pix Review, 1, Winter 2011


midnight argument
giving me the middle finger
she blocks out two stars

Failed Haiku, 1:7, July 2016


her hips
sway our debate on sex
summer heat

Failed Haiku, 1:5, May 2016


zen workshop
the roshi answers a question
with a question

Failed Haiku, 1:3, March 2016


a priest alone
in the confession booth
year's end

Prune Juice, 17, 2015


between street lamps
a sex worker
and my shadow

Prune Juice, 17, 2015


poetry reading
the summer air alive
with ring tones

Prune Juice, 14, November 2014


I'm bi-curious...
a bat flitting
over my friend's fence

Cattails 3, 2014


oh, you're a poet ...
her rising tone
in the last syllable

Editor's Choice Senryu, Cattails, 3, 2014


poetry workshop:
I try out the critic's
reading glasses

Prune Juice, 11, November 2013


spicy chicken …
this impulse to ask
if she's married

Modern Haiku, 43:1, Feb., 2012


red light –
the driver of a hearse
smiles at me

Notes from the Gean, 3:3, December 2011


bullfrog chorus...
I practice saying
I love you

Third Prize, 2011 Senryu Contest