Marian Olson

Born 1939  in Bremerton, Washington, USA
Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Marian Olson, widely published poet, lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the author of seven books of poetry, including four haiku books: Songs of the Chicken Yard, Desert Hours, Sketches of Mexico, and Moondance.


a dervish of wind
whose dust
dances tonight

Modern Haiku  21:1


autumn chill
a little rouge to warm
her cheeks

Haiku Canada Newsletter 16:1 October 2002


August moon
the cricket throb
in me too

1996 Basho Festival Dedicatory Anthology


beyond words
his words
winter moon

Presence, #23 May 2004


building bridges
that neither
come nor go

(for Tripi)
Hummingbird  13:3 March 2003


crashing surf
argue on the sea wall

Simply Haiku  3:2 summer 2005


dull morning sun—
left on his own to fry
scrambled eggs and whiskey

Olson, Desert Hours 2007


even clouds
          touch and part
                    I remind myself

bottle rockets  6:2 2005


freeze forecast
my neighbor brings in pots
of fake poinsettias

Modern Haiku  26:1 winter spring 1995


Full moon—
I iron a wrinkle
            into his pants

Gerald M. Brady Awards, HM, Frogpond 24:1 2001


granite headstone
the remains
of her stubbornness

Modern Haiku  39:2 summer 2008


grinning even now
           the skull beneath
her baby face

Hummingbird  5:4 June 1995


his eyes when he gives her black tulips—first date

Leuck, Tulip Haiku 2004


if you love me
           come inside
                     morning glory

Presence #23 May 2004


I love you
the tattoo beneath
her waist

Frogpond  17:1 spring 1994


in the flames
of the Yule log
faces I have loved

Modern Haiku  36:2 summer 2005


leaving us
to find our own light
last of the sun

bottle rockets  5:2, #10 2004


old love song
sixteen again and “yes”
is all I know

Frogpond  17:1 spring 1994


open coffin
the glint of her glasses
as I pass

Woodnotes 24 spring 1995, Editor’s Choice, 3rd runner up


potter’s wheel
inside and out the shape
of her clay

South by Southeast  3:3 1996


the moon of our love just a sliver tonight

Haiku Canada Holographic Anthology 2004


tea leaves settle—
the mess of his life
in a chipped cup

Presence #23 May 2004


the smile
I always believed
April fool

Modern Haiku  33:2 summer 2002


this loneliness
I open the shutters,
bring in the moon

Penumbra 2003, haiku finalist


twilight sun
slips into another
dark world

Heron’s Nest  4:8 August 2002


winter sun
you choose to die
with a shrug

Noon 3 2006