Adelaide B. ShawAdelaide B. Shaw

Born 1936 in New Haven, CT, USA
Residing in Millbrook, NY, USA
Adelaide B. Shaw has been writing haiku, haibun, tanka, senryu and photo haiga for several years. Her book, An Unknown Road, a Kanterman award winner for 2009, is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle. She lives with her husband in Millbrook, NY.


screaming child
the patience I show
for one not my own


splashes in a pool
the neighbor’s party
spills into my yard


Miami winter
migratory birds
flock to the beach


block long yard sale
Saturday traffic
is stop and shop


antique car show
cool cars
hot prices


heat mirage
at the end of the mowed lawn
a cold beer


earrings with no mates
I contemplate setting
a new fashion


road detour
turning off the GPS
to get lost


a dream lover
at my age I blush
in my sleep


some cooling at dusk
the party hostess
serves me last


elbow to elbow
with Christmas shoppers
summoning good will


turkey leftovers–
that Thanksgiving feeling


family photos
of old mustached women–
checking the mirror


cataracts gone
the mirror tells me
my true age