David J. KellyDavid J Kelly

Born in 1963 in Middlesex, Greater London, UK.
Currently resident in Dublin, Ireland.
David J Kelly is a scientist by training (PhD in Zoology), but has been fascinated by the music of language for longer than he can remember. His main hobbies are birds and words. David’s first collection, Hammerscale from the Thrush’s Anvil (Alba Publishing), was published in November 2016.



I take the extra weight
as you fall
into sleep

Blithe Spirit 23.2 (summer 2013)


umbrella …
wondering whether it’s
wandering weather

Bottle Rockets #34 (February 2016)


head space
swinging Schrödinger’s cat
between my ears

Failed Haiku 1.12 (December 2016) 


cleansing breath
I fill the air with
inner demons

Prune Juice 20 (November 2016)


smart bomb
resetting the landscape
to primitive

Failed Haiku 1.11 (November 2016) 


my tiny nephew
already fluent
in dinosaur

Brass Bell ‘Family Haiku’ (November 2016)


tenets of atheism credon’t

Sonic Boom 7 (December 2016)


who says
romance is dead?
Kindle-light dinner

frogpond 39.2 (Autumn 2016) 


history lesson
all children studying
the clock

Chrysanthemum 20 (October 2016)


thick dust
the life we lived
in other rooms

tinywords 16.2 (2016) 



moongarlic 7 (November 2016) 


dead silence
the forever after
your last breath

cattails (September 2016)


mixed messages
a child hits the donkey
with its carrot

Failed Haiku – September 2016


wasp nest a short cut cut short

Akitsu Quarterly (Winter 2016)


our cat’s fleas …
an embarrassment
of itches

Prune Juice #19 (July 2016)


gentle rebellion
writing in the
reading room

Failed Haiku – June 2016


charity shop …
under a warm jumper
distressed denim

Presence #55 (2016)


fun up to a point learning curve

Sonic Boom #5 (April 2016)


on the stem
of a tulip glass
social butterfly

Haiku Canada Review (February 2016)


departure gaits
spoken and unspoken

cattails (Jan 2016)


half-moon glasses
each pedestrian crossing
the bridge of my nose

Akitsu Quarterly (Winter 2015)


weighing more
than condolences
a handful of raindrops

Modern Haiku 47:1 (winter/spring 2016)


read-letter day
the cold, stone touch
of my coffee cup

Gnarled Oak #5 (Oct-Nov 2015)


rejuvenated …
the child with the ice cream
face pack

Kokako 22 (2015)


morning prayer
kneeling at the altar
of her handbag

Shamrock #30 (2015)