Debbie StrangeDebbie Strange

Born 1955 in Canada
Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Debbie Strange is a maker of poems, music, photographs, and art. She has an affinity for birds and water, and feels most at peace when exploring nature with her husband. Debbie's creative passions are her solace and salvation, connecting her more closely to the world and to herself.



painted ponies
going around in circles
we find ourselves

Hon. Mention, First Annual Jane Reichhold Haiga Competition, 2016
Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 11, November, 2016


the childhood pets
i never had

Hon. Mention, First Annual Jane Reichhold Haiga Competition, 2016
Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 11, November, 2016


we finally reveal
our true colours

A Hundred Gourds, Volume 5, Number 2, March, 2016


music on the wind
an open field blossoms
with flower children

Blithe Spirit, Volume 25, Number 3, August, 2015
Cultural Response Poem (The Winnipeg Folk Festival)


on yellowed recipes
she is here, still

brass bell, September, 2016


visiting rights
some silences are louder
than others

cattails, May, 2016


a cold case
our hope lingers
ten winters

cattails, May, 2016


a broken shell
her words return
in waves

cattails, September, 2016
Jane Reichhold memorial tribute 1937-2016


storm’s landfall
another relationship
goes off the rails

Edge, British Haiku Society Members’ Anthology, 2015


bluebells . . .
the lonesome sound
of freight trains

Ershik, Special English Issue Number 2, May, 2015


wind quintet
the circular breathing
of our lives

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 2, February, 2016


torn petals
no words to describe
wabi sabi

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Number 5, May, 2016


bleak news
the Heartbreak Hotel
is full tonight

Failed Haiku, Volume 1, Issue 12, December 2016
Carlos Colón (Haiku Elvis) memorial tribute 1953-2016


sugar cookies
we swallow each phase
of the moon

Frogpond, Volume 39:2, Spring/Summer 2016


the way memories

Gnarled Oak, Issue 8, May, 2016


we go whichever way
the wind blows

Haigaonline, Yule Gallery, 2016


beamed up
headlights point skyward
after the crash

Haiku Canada Review, Volume 9, Number 2, October, 2015


Holi Festival
we each become one
with the rainbow

Muse India, Issue 65, January-February 2016


a quiet field
and the loudness
of pumpkins

Prune Juice, Number 14, July, 2014


puzzle pieces
missing the way
we fit together

Prune Juice, Number 15, March, 2015


only child
fog shape-shifts
into sisters

Prune Juice, Number 18, March, 2016


light pollution
where would we be
without stars

Sonic Boom, Issue 6, August, 2016


old argument
this frosty morning
ruffled feathers

The Cicada’s Cry, Spring 2016