Johnny BaranskiJohnny Baranski

Born 1948, Chicago, Illinois
Currently lives in Vancouver, Washington USA
Johnny Baranski has been writing haiku and its related forms for over forty years and has been widely published and anthologized. He is the author of several chapbooks including Pencil Flowers: Jail Haiku, Convicts Shoot The Breeze, and just a stone's throw. His most recent collection Blossoming Pear was published as a broadside by Lilliput Review in 2013.


one brother leans left
the other leans right
gale winds

Prune Juice Issue 13 July 2014

too loud
at Mass this morning
her spring kimono

Prune Juice  Issue 19, July 2016

casual Friday
dressed down
by the boss

Prune Juice Issue 15: March, 2015

used cars
the salesman's polyester
sports jacket

Prune Juice  Issue 19, July 2016

used up jalopies
in the wrecking yard
my aching joints

Multiverses Spring 2012

empty field
no matter which way I turn
pissing in the wind

Notes From The Gean 4:1 June 2012

sweet and sour pork
eating alone
at a table for two

Prune Juice Issue Fourteen: Nov. 2014

sunning itself on a river rock her string bikini

Modern Haiku 43.2 Summer 2012

speed date I come then go

Prune Juice Issue Ten July 2013

so drunk I let her have her way with me mosquito

Prune Juice Issue Twelve, March 2014

Chaste Moon -
my virginity left
at the altar

Prune Juice  Issue Ten July 2013

elephant --
a paper weight

Bones No. 3 December 2013

her sexy caboose a train whistle

Prune Juice  Issue 19, July 2016

Oreo cookie
my split

Prune Juice Issue Ten July 2013

head shop
a family run

Prune Juice Issue 11, Nov. 2013

for a
good time

Prune Juice Issue 11, Nov. 2013

sirens far out my burning bridges

Bones inaugural issue

the off-road path of
a Toyota

Prune Juice Issue Ten, July 2013

a walk-off home run
up and over
the prison wall

this world HSA members anthology 2013

white supremacist
his obituary
doesn't mention it

Bones Issue 2, June 15, 2013

'Round Midnight
a 5-7-5 haiku
so square

A Hundred Gourds 2:4 Sept. 2013

the Seven Samurai
could not have saved it

Take-out Window  HSA Members' Anthology 2014

warm sake tonight I have all the answers

A Hundred Gourds 3:2 Mar. 2014

the prison yard scanned
for viruses

Bones Issue 4 June 15, 2014

Trinity the Bomb hijacked a religion

Bones Issue 6 March 15, 2015

his marriage
on the rocks

Prune Juice Issue 15, March 2015


after the affair
the throaty voice of
his Mustang GT

Modern Haiku Vol. 46.1 Winter-Spring 2015


jail library
nothing but

Prune Juice Issue 15: March, 2015


7th Inning Stretch
the line to the women's

Prune Juice Issue 16, July 2015


no hitter
the pitcher's cheek   swollen
with bubblegum

Cattails May 2016 Edition


black ice
our argument spins
out of control

Prune Juice, Issue 18, March 2016


Antiques Road Show
her grandpa's box
of burglary tools

Prune Juice, Issue 18, March 2016


the old jalopy
hums along

Prune Juice, Issue 19, July 2016