John HawkheadJohn Hawkhead

John Hawkhead is a writer and illustrator whose work has been published all over the world.


brushing against her
in the middle of the night
the sound of her smile

Snapshots issue 5

breath on the window
where she said she loved me
gradually fading

Bare Bones issue 7

practising judo
the youngest group of children
learn how to tie knots

Presence issue 10


peeling onions
in my mother's kitchen
laughing at our tears

Notes From The Gean 3:2 - September 2011


lighting cigarettes
from each other’s cigarettes
the slow setting sun

Tinywords issue 15.1 - June 2015


summer thunderstorm
filling air with tension
she crosses her thighs

Chrysanthemum issue 13 - April 2013