Rick ClarkRick Clark

Born: 1952, Santa Barbara, California, USA
Residence: Seattle, Washington, USA

Rick Clark is a poet, editor, and educator who has also dabbled in classical violin, birds, filmmaking, photography, Zen, and yoga. In 2016, Red Moon Press published his book Bug-eyed & Bird-brained: Small Creature Haiku. He is also author of Journey to the River: India Travels (Pina Publishing, 2016).
Blog: https://wrenzai.wordpress.com/


camped up the river
all summer the survivalist
never stops talking

his fingers choose a cookie—
converted bully


father and son
carving first hiking sticks—
troubled by knots

posted on https://wrenzai.wordpress.com/ August 5, 2014


just beyond the sign
that says Lover’s Lane a sign
that says Dead End


loses her voice
trying to write authentically—
the memoirist


sibling retreat—
without hesitation
pencils and watercolors


the beaming boy—
both mom and dad untangling
the tail of his kite


the clear plastic bag
visiting the homeless man’s feet
drifting on


the deaf guy ranting
up the street I realize
my fiddle’s out of tune


the retired men
sitting beside the green lake—
talking plumbing

Seattle Public Library Haiku Hullabaloo, April 7, 2014