Pris Campbell

Born in Chester, SC, 1942
Current residence: Lake Worth, FL 33467
The haiga, senryu, tanka and haiku of Pris Campbell have appeared in numerous journals, including but not exclusive to Frogpond, cattails, Acorn, Haigaonline, Modern Haiga, One Hundred Gourds, and Failed Haiku. The Small Press has published six collections of her free verse poetry and Clemson University Press a seventh one, a collaboration. A former Clinical Psychologist, sailor and bicyclist until sidelined by ME/CFS in 1990, she makes her home in the Greater West Palm Beach, Florida.



tossed cans
and mewing kittens...
river traffic

door jamb lines -
my journey upward
from mother's arms

a haiga in Failed Haiku

spring planting
a bee sings
in my mouth

World Haiku Review

night train
my dead uncle punches
tickets to my dreams

One Hundred Gourds

dark alley cardboard boxes wax and wane

googling my name stories best forgotten uncovered

daddy's helper...
we wade through cow manure
for the garden soil

day moon fading her blank stare

Acorn Journal fall issue 2016

late night news -
the man in the moon
takes a hike