Marietta Jane McGregor

Born in Australia
Residing in Canberra, Australia

Marietta Jane McGregor is a botanist and journalist whose careers include palynology researcher, garden designer, university tutor, editor, science grant writer and astronomical observatory public education manager. Her haiku are published internationally in major journals, have featured on Japanese television, and have won awards in Japan, the UK and America.


tai chi class―
two lovers turning it

Asahi Haikuist Network, May, 2015

picnic races
around the track a dust cloud
full of horses

Prospect Issue 5, 2015

stress factor—
in a fractal landscape
a couple shatters

Prune Juice, July 2015

a flash of white wings
in the corner of my eye
gone in one blink

The Mainichi Haiku in English, July 2015; Best of The Mainichi 2015, page 35

one more book
for the jumble sale—
joy of sex

Wild Plum, Fall and Winter Issue 1:2, 2015
Wild Plum 2015 Anthology, Behind the Tree Line

Sunday dinner—
the flypaper too full
for one more fly

Windfall: Australian Haiku, issue 4, 2015

fair fight
laughing clowns
turn to check

bottle rockets: a collection of short verse, issue 34

open-air cinema
marilyn's left eyebrow
a gum moth

A Hundred Gourds, issue 5:1, page 10, December 2015

orthodontist clinic
waiting room smiles get
a second look

Failed Haiku – A Journal of English Language Senryu, Issue 1:2, Feb 2016

quickie divorce
a walnut out of its shell
in perfect halves

Failed Haiku – A Journal of English Language Senryu, Issue 1:2, Feb 2016

roadside rust bucket―
every real apology
we could have made

Sonic Boom, issue 5, Page 26, April 2016

the russet red
of a pegged-out fox skin
his lasting regrets

cattails, May 2016

otter pool
a whiskery man

Presence, Issue 55

switching to
Jupiter years

Failed Haiku: a Journal of English Language Senryu, June 2016

diner mirror myselves ordering second coffees

Under the Basho, One Line Haiku, 2015

hominid fossil display her tongue explores a touchy tooth

Modern Haiku Issue 46:3, 2015

promising to write— a bigger pile of peanut shells

Sonic Boom, Issue 3, August 2015

Rubik's Cube     his head space exactly     where he wants it

bottle rockets: a collection of short verse, Issue 34, 2015

35mm slide night that girl with my husband

moongarlic Issue 5, November 2015

old vagrant his ring of sparrows

tinywords Issue 16.1, March 2016