Carol RaisfeldCarol Raisfeld

Carol Raisfeld lives in Atlantic Beach, a barrier island close to New York City, USA. Her poetry, art and photography appear worldwide in print, online journals and anthologies.
Twitter: @carol_red


a swarm of gnats
in the park
the mime’s silent scream

Failed Haiku September 2017 Issue

active senior living
"spicy adult bedroom aids
medicare approved"

Failed Haiku January 2019 Issue

the argument
he apologizes
to her hair flip

Cattails August 2018 Issue

at the beach
all his tattoos
spell Mother

Autumn Leaves, v7n5

city street
waving goodbye inside
the bus exhaust

Haiku Foundation December 2018

cross country
only the male pigeon
won't ask directions

Failed Haiku February 2019 Issue

crowded beach
a tattooed momma in
a bikini, I think

Simply Haiku Summer 2008, v6n2

Down! Stay!
the veterinarian’s wife
puts the kids to bed

Simply Haiku Summer 2007, v5n2

the electrician
as usual, talking about
current events

Simply Haiku Spring 2006, v4n1

Energizer Bunny
charged with battery

Failed Haiku January 2019 Issue

first date
the cat hisses
at his toupee

Simply Haiku Winter 2006, v4n4

grandma . . .
still not telling her
I burned my bra

Equiverse Space: A WE Anthology June 2018

first visit
the dentist admires the tooth
on her stuffed rabbit

The Temple Bell Stops May 2013

house renovation
the magic mushrooms
he hid 25 years ago

Tempslibres May 2018

incontinence hotline
four rings . . . .
can you hold, please?

Prune Juice November 2017 Issue

magicians' parking lot
**no trespassing!**
violators will be toad

Simply Haiku Spring 2006, v4n1

at the party
again, the dog can't
hold his licker

Simply Haiku Winter 2006, v4n4

the palmist gasps
then asks to be paid
in advance

naad anunaad September 2016 First Edition

picket line
yelling, aunt Dora fogets
what she’s protesting

Simply Haiku Summer 2007, v5n2

all her buttons
looking for mute

Failed Haiku February 2019 Issue

rummage sale
her husband in the chair
not worth keeping

Tempslibres 2008

snack time
the vegetarian kid
eyes the animal crackers

Simply Haiku Winter 2009, v7n4

tired of sleeping
with a drip
she calls the plumber

Simply Haiku Winter 2007, v5n4

wig heist
police combing
the area for clues

Cattails August 2018

window washer
she watches him
watching her

Haiku Foundation April 2018


bus stop —
he lets the mini skirt
board first

Simply Haiku, Autumn 2007, vol 5 no3


a cricket's falsetto
from the lingerie drawer

Frogpond 34.3 2011


just married -
a friendship of many years
begins to end

Failed Haiku  April 2016


watching the dogs
she asks about the birds
and the bees

Simply Haiku, Summer 2007, vol 5 no 2


viagra heist
police still looking
for the hardened criminals

Frogpond  v.33 no 3 Fall 2010


birthday gift -
the puppy looks back
at its mother

World Haiku Review  v2, I 3: Nov. 2002


defiant fart --
objection sustained
he approaches the bench

Failed Haiku  May 2016


gossip column—
only the ink remains

World Haiku Review  Vol 5 Issue1 - 2005 (Editor's Choice: The Grand Best)  *
naad anunaad: an anthology of contemporary international haiku 2016

* The critique of this senryu by Susumu Takiguchi is worth reading


fainting at the sound
of the F-word ...
she misses the sunset

Simply Haiku  Spring 2005, vol 3 no 1


after the divorce
a miracle . . .
his hearing returns

Simply Haiku, Winter 2005, vol 3 no 4


breakfast together –
the silence about things
that matter

The Red Moon Anthology 2003
Simply Haiku, Summer 2006,vol 4 no 2


anniversary gift —
filling her old sweater
with new cleavage

Simply Haiku  Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


April Fool's
sending the kids to buy
elbow grease

KUKAI April 2009 First Place


garage sale -
the flowered couch on which
I became a woman

Simply Haiku, Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2
La Lune dans les cheveux, 88 femmes plus un 2010


my brother's cannabis crop died
leaving him disjointed

Frogpond  33.3 2010


sudden windbreak -
everyone pauses
to stare at the dog

Simply Haiku  Summer 2005, vol 3 no 2


pushy as ever —
at the séance they hear
from Aunt Maggie

Simply Haiku  Summer 2006, vol 4 no 2


steamy sex
in the church parking lot --
amazing Grace

Simply Haiku  Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


feng shui -
his feet face south
hers face north

Failed Haiku  April 2016


between snores
and a tick of the clock
an erection

Simply Haiku  Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


just married -
home is where
your parked at

Failed Haiku  March 2017


closet renovation--
removing all her clothes
she nails the carpenter

Simply Haiku  Autumn 2005, vol 3 no 3


just married
eating the oysters
he used to hate

Simply Haiku  v4n2, 2006


reminder note —
to drop her pants
at the cleaners

Simply Haiku  Spring 2006, vol 4 no 1


the kids baptize Barbie
in the new toilet

Failed Haiku  March 2017