Roberta BearyRoberta Beary

Born in Jamaica Estates, New York, USA
Currently residing in Ireland
Roberta Beary is the 2017 Roving Ambassador for The Haiku Foundation. She is the haibun editor for Modern Haiku. The winner of many awards for her senryu, haiku and haibun, she is a frequent presenter at haiku conferences . She is currently co-editing an international anthology of haiku by women.



school photo
the frown my sister
grew into

Honorable Mention, Penumbra Haiku Contest 2004


picking strawberries
grandma's rolled up sleeves reveal
pale tattooed numbers

Haiku International Special Issue 1994
Commended, International Haiku Contest
300th Basho Anniversary 1994


family picnic
the new wife's rump
bigger than mine

The Unworn Necklace (Snapshot Press,2007,2011 reissued 2015)


tour bus
i lie about

frogpond: 35:3


the way he says
mauve sunset

Deflection  (Accents Publishing, 2015)


my son’s boyfriend
three words i practice saying
alone in my room

Deflection  (Accents Publishing, 2015)


day of blossoms
a nurse erases
mother’s name

Deflection  (Accents Publishing, 2015)


born this way …
the orientation
of winter stars

Acorn  Issue #35, Fall 2015


broken vow the gin bottle's vacant blue

Deflection  (Accents Publishing, 2015)


bicurious the moon within the moon

Presence  #53 2015