Gail OareGail Oare

Birth: 1952, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
Current residence: Valencia, PA

Gail Oare is a retired science publishing executive. She writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and consults.


fallen apples the temptation of pie

Failed Haiku Issue 22, October 2017

memorial day
the parade lengthens
by a new war

Prune Juice Issue 22, July 2017

home opener
he shushes me
at first pitch

Failed Haiku Issue 18, June 2017

holiday season 
pondering the attachments
of vacuum cleaners 
Failed Haiku Issue 17, May 2017

women’s march
the toddler in the crowd shows
her new tooth

Failed Haiku Issue 16, April 2017

seventeen syllables
the contest instructions spill
onto page two

Failed Haiku Issue 16, April 2017

translated headstone
another family fable
laid to rest

Failed Haiku Issue 10, October 2016

our summer corn roast
the volunteer firemen
ignite the charcoal 
Failed Haiku Issue 2, February 2016

kissing his own lips
silver trophy
Failed Haiku Number 16, March 2017

family gathering
arguing again about
world peace

Failed Haiku Number 2, February 2016