Michael Henry Lee

Born:  1951  in Kansas City Missouri
Current residence:  Saint Augustine Florida

Michael Henry Lee is a husband, father and grandfather. He and his wife of 35 years reside in Saint Augustine Florida; the nation's oldest city, along with Bob the rescue cat and numerous bonsai trees. Lee is an award winning internationally published poet whose work appears in and on numerous journals and websites.


my front row seat
for the farewell tour
Frogpond - volume 35 #3 2012

one toast
too many
woozy moon

Mainichi Daily News Jan 28 2014

climate change
another sweater
goes to goodwill                                                            

Haiku News 1/28/15

tattoo garden
the blush returns
to mother's rose

The Tattooed Poets Project 2011

in excess of the poor harvest moon
A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

unseasonal warmth
two flies
walk into a bar

Prune Juice Issue 19 July 2016

white out
all that remains
to be seen

Honorable Mention Sonic Boom Senryu Contest 2016

worker bees
with or without
a wall

Modern Haiku Volume 48.2 2017

Memorial Day
a politician  behind
every flag

UTHS Cattails Sept 2016

    oh holy night
the busker's sax
is shining

Mainichi Daily News

happy hour
everyone's glass
half full
Modern Haiku Volume 42.1 2016

 election year
   not knowing what
to make of the sky

Full of Moonlight HSA Members Anthology 2016

tempest moon
already against
the next war
World Haiku Review July 2016

the uniformity
    of shadows

Write Like Issa: A Haiku How-to  by David G. Lanoue