Richard GrahnRichard Grahn

Born: 1959, Stoughton, Wisconsin
Resides: Evanston, Illinois

Richard Grahn is an American poet/artist born in Wisconsin in 1959, currently living in Evanston, Ilinois. He has traveled extensively and has been writing and creating art for over 30 years. He started writing short-form and prose poetry in earnest in 2016 as an outlet for coping with illness.


I'm half asleep
my other half
is jealous

Prune Juice Issue 27, March 2019

Conflicted: A senryu sequence 

perfect timing . . .
the way you make
my heart throb

perplexed again . . .
why is my love for you
so much like madness?

vision quest . . .
I look into your eyes
for answers

going out?
I could write an epic
with your lilac perfume

romance on the rocks . . .
you hold out your hand
for another sip

fading photograph . . .
how you drift


dust in the footprints
on my doorstep . . .
your last visit

your apparition stands
in the doorway, disrobed . . .
now that’s the spirit

the last poem
to my name . . .
dressed in rags for you

Failed Haiku Issue 39, March 2019

growing up…
the end of my favorite
fairy tale

Failed Haiku, Issue 33, September 2108

the family plot…
sinners lie
with saints

Failed Haiku, Issue 33, September 2108

at the legion
straightening the flag
the twang of bluegrass

Failed Haiku, Issue 36, December 2018

barbie needs a lift
is there a plastic surgeon
in the toybox?

Failed Haiku, Issue 36, December 2018

morning stillness
that space
between your snores

Failed Haiku, Issue 36, December 2018

memories of you . . .
water dripping
through my fingers

(Previously unpublished)