Jan BensonJan Benson

Born 1952, Findlay, Ohio
Residing in Fort Worth, Texas
Jan Benson is an award winning haiku poet, living in Texas. Her haiku have been published in several foreign languages and in many of the world's leading Haiku journals and magazines. She is an advocate for literacy. Ms. Benson is a member of The British Haiku Society and the Poetry Society of Texas.


in a pinched cove
lithium tremors

Modern Haiku, Issue 47:2 Spring 2016

crescent moon and her silk blouse a zephyr swells

Frogpond 38:2 Summer 2015

a bow
on her neck
fiddler's choice

ein Bogen auf
ihrem Hals die
Wahl des Fiedlers

Chrysanthemum #18, October 2015 Page 7

her palms
bruising cardamom seeds
the subtleties of chai

Blithe Spirit Journal Vol. 26, #4 Winter 2016

our bed
dressed in knit linens
weaver's moon

Blithe Spirit Journal Vol. 26, #4 Winter 2016

the thrum
of stars in my bones
hadron collider

Blithe Spirit Journal Vol. 26, #4 Winter 2016

the smooth
swallow of addiction
pearl moon

Blithe Spirit Journal Vol. 26, #4 Winter 2016

cold water on an african violet ghosts bloom

Brass Bell  May 2016

scudding clouds
under a bridge
the fitful flap
of bats

Brass Bell  October 2016

removing the fitbit
today she walks
in memory of mom

100 Thousand Poet's for Change Autumn 2016Autumn 2016

moonless night
bleached bones and
the whir of a copter

Butterfly Dream July 31, 2016

penumbra moon
a prudence of vicars
covets candles

Blue Hole Magazine (Georgetown, Texas Poetry Festival) Autumn 2016

quantum shift
venus positions herself
over jupiter

Failed Haiku Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 69 March 1, 2016

red fish blue fish season of hubris

Failed Haiku Vol. 1, Issue 3, Page 69 March 1, 2016

home late--
the kiss you wanted,
the one you got

Failed Haiku Vol. 1, Issue 4, Page 52 April 1, 2016

post election--
tell-all books

Failed Haiku Vol. 1, Issue 4, Page 52 April 1, 2016

the catch of his hand
as I walk away

Failed Haiku Vol. 1, Issue 5, Page 57 May 1, 2016

mom's rosebush
in each bloom
a blood memory

The Enigmatist Anthology June 2016

sand moon
sorting breath
from bone

Waco WordFest Anthology October 2016

border fence...
their gaping mouths
known by flies

Waco WordFest Anthology October 2016

cello moon
son's first christmas card
from prison

Waco WordFest Anthology October 2016

single mother
of another
single mother

Waco WordFest Anthology October 2016

impromptu picnic
at japanese gardens
herbal tea and zen

1st Place May Contest, 2014 Poetry Society of Texas
2015 Book of the Year (P.S.T.)

half notes
in a duet
the iamb of twins

3rd Place Galaxy of Verse Contest Autumn 2015

pirate moon
his wrecked
hover board

Ershik April 2016